What is your turnaround time for your Wedding Videography package?

We normally aim to have your short highlights film completed within 4 weeks of your wedding, although this is subject to the time of year and our workload. We then aim to have your Extended Highlights Film completed within 8 weeks of your big day but again, this is subject to the time of year and our workload. We will always endeavour to get the product back to our customers as quickly as possible.

What is the turnaround time for your Wedding Photography Package?

We normally aim to have your edited photo’s back to you within 8 weeks of your big day.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

We do require a deposit to secure your event date. The deposit amount is £100.00 and we require this along with our booking form and our terms & conditions in order for your date to be secured.

When do I have to pay the full balance by?

We require the full amount due to be paid no later than 4 weeks before your event date. Don’t worry about trying to work this out however, we will do that for you and it will be clearly marked on your invoice.

Do you require us to feed you?

This is completely up to you- when you fill out our booking form we will ask you whether you intend to feed us or not. If you would like to feed us then that would be great, if not then we can sort ourselves out.

Can we get the RAW footage you take on the day?

There is a charge for the RAW footage we take on the day should you want to have that as well, and this charge is stated in our Terms & Conditions that you will have to sign before we can proceed with your booking. We are a production company and part of what you pay us for is the professional production of your film, using all the best bits we have captured to make you the best wedding film possible. Think of it this way, you wouldn’t go into a cake shop and ask for the individual ingredients to your cake, you just want to pay for the final product.

Do you charge travel costs?

For the most part if what you want filmed or photographed is in Kent then no we don’t charge travel costs. If your event is outside Kent then there may be travel costs, but we do our best to quote clients individually and come up with the best deal for them.