Corporate Headshots

Every business wants to look professional and give off the right message to its customers and what better way to do that than with some professional headshots to display on your premises and website? Let your customers know who is who and what they do with a selection of headshots which have continuity, showing off your brand and your vision in the right way. Your company needs to give off the right impression as soon as a client walks through your door or lands on your website and headshots are a great way to give you the best first impression.

With our professional mobile studio we can come to you, making us extremely flexible and able to give you the look you want- we set up our studio and make sure we have a good look for your headshots before we start photographing your employees. We work as quickly and efficiently as possible without compromising quality so that we take top as little of your valuable time as we can. We charge a flat fee for our set up and then keep costs to a minimum by charging per headshot. Some photographers will charge you for a time slot which means if they are done sooner, you are paying for a service you aren’t receiving. With our business model, you are only paying for the headshots you need. This also cuts down on the files we send you makeing it easier for you to sort and organise your photos for your website & printing.

We will coach each of your employees as to what we need for them as it can be daunting being put in front of the camera. We take a selection of shots per employee before letting them choose which headshot we will use- this cuts down on any problems after the photoshoot as your employees have already selected which photograph they are happy with and reduces the chances of them not being happy with the results. It also keeps the costs down for you as a business as we rarely have to come back to re-shoot or charge extra for editing time.

Once we have all of your employees photographed we then head back to our professional editing suite where we start to bring to life the headshots that we have taken. Each headshot that your employees have selected is edited for continuity before being professionally retouched. Once the headshot is complete we also create a black & white version before we export a high resolution file as well as a low resolution file. You will receive all 4 photographs per employee- 2 colour (1 high resolution, 1 low resolution) & 2 black and white (1 high resolution, 1 low resolution). The high resolution images are of a high quality and are able to be printed to a large size whereas the low resolution images are excellent for uploading to your website, cutting down on upload times and memory. We can also add on your company branding to each headshot as an additional extra.

Fees can vary per shoot as different companies have different requirements, but below is what you can expect and some basic pricing:

What’s Included?

  • We meet you at your place of business or a location of your choice with our portable professional studio.

  • Professional studio set up including back drop & lighting

  • Each employee chooses their favourite headshot reducing the risk of them being unhappy with the final results.

  • Professional editing & retouching of each headshot, ensuring continuity for the entire shoot.

  • We charge a flat rate for setting up the photoshoot and then charge per headshot, reducing the costs for you.

  • Each headshot comes in 2 formats, 1 in colour & 1 in black & white.

  • You will receive both a high resolution photo (for printing) & a low resolution photo (for website uploading) for each format.


Flat set up fee - £99

Cost per headshot - £20

Add company branding - £5 per headshot

Additional headshots (more than 1 per person) - £10 per extra headshot

Contact us today for a free quotation for your companies headshots- just click on the link below and fill out or enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.