Model Photoshoot


Get some of those photographs you’ve always wanted…

Whether you’ve modelled before and you want to update your portfolio or if you’ve never stood in front of a lens we can help you get the portraits you’ve always wanted. Our relaxed and professional shooting style keeps the pressure off as we help you get the look you want from your photographs whilst having fun at the same time! Understandably some people get nervous in front of a lens but we will coach you through the session, giving you tips and tricks and easing you into the experience.

So whether you want some portraits for around the house or maybe you want to up your instagram game, we can get you the portraits you’ll be proud to show off.

Details of the package are below;

  • 2 Hour photo session at a location of your choice (we can help you decide a location if you are unsure how it will look!)

  • Coaching throughout the session to maximise your experience and variety of photos

  • Editing & colour grading in our professional editing suite

  • 25-50 professionally taken portraits (approx number)

  • Copyright ownership of your images to use wherever you like

The price for this package is £150

Kent Portrait Photography
Kent Model Photographer
Model Photography Luke Batchelor Productions
Copy of "Summer Shadows"
Copy of "Foreign Dreams"
Luke Batchelor Productions Portrait Photographer
Kent Portrait Photography
Copy of "Sunny Smiles"
Model Photography Luke Batchelor Productions